But when it’s you…..

  It is an unfortunate fact that police involved shootings have dominated the headlines for the better part of the last year. Each is awful and tragic because a human life has been lost. The common theme in the aftermath that annoys me to no end is that there is …

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100 things you can do to live more sustainably

This was originally posted by Sharon Astyk from a position of resource scarcity consciousness, specifically peak oil, but the ideas that are mentioned could prove useful regardless of why you feel they would be necessary. I found it interesting and I hope you do as well. ========================================================================================================================================================================= 100 Things you …

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My fellow Citizen Patriots, I am honored to be reaching out to you as a fellow member of the Preparedness Nation. Wait. Is he talking to me? Preparedness nation? And what is a Citizen Patriot? Do you believe in the wisdom of preparedness? Do you believe it’s a good idea …

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A cooperative effort with best selling post-apocalyptic author Steven Konkoly, PRACTICAL PREPPING is an essay style collaboration that looks at personal preparedness through a real world lens while keeping the focus on the practical steps you can take to mitigate the impacts from the most common hazards we all face. …

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Get the @PracTac4U QSG today (http://t.co/dlY5J88M0M ) and coming soon, PRACTICAL PREPPING: NO APOCALYPSE REQUIRED! pic.twitter.com/aEr5O1qDfN — Mr. Powers (@PracTac4U) August 12, 2014


In the middle of the last century, the United States made an investment in the critical infrastructure that made America the envy of the world. Powered by an abundance of cheap energy, ingenuity and hard work, the United States constructed cities that reached for the sky, the electric grid, not …

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Joanna Macy: On how to prepare internally for WHATEVER comes next

Yes, it looks bleak. But you are still alive now. You are alive with all the others, in this present moment. And because the truth is speaking in the work, it unlocks the heart. And there’s such a feeling and experience of adventure. It’s like a trumpet call to a …

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